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If you are suffering from one of the above disorders, then Modafinil should be the first choice of yours. This medicine can treat these disorders very effectively. If a person is suffering from sleepiness due to these particular conditions, he or she should go for taking this medication for getting best result. Side by side, you should also remember that all of your sleepiness may not be cured with provigil. This medication is actually given for the time period of 12 weeks. Daytime sleepiness can be prevented properly by taking provigil in each morning. This is the right way actually. If you are suffering from Shift work disorder, then it is best to take Modafinil before going to start working.

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Allergic reactions are rare, but they do occur. If one happens to you, stop taking Provigil immediately and seek medical attention if you notice itching and swelling, rash on the tongue, face or throat, peeling or blistering of the skin, dizziness, or breathing difficulty. This list of side effects is by no means complete; if you notice any effects not described here, notify your pharmacist or physician.

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